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How to make your Home a Stress-free Zone

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

A stress-free home sets you free of anything that weighs you down. How do you build a comfortable home where you could absorb positive energy?

Below we list out a few simple steps that could rid your home of stressful energy:

Create a great first impact:

A clean and clear home is the key. Opening the door to see overflowing clutter isn’t good for you or your guests. Do not depot things at the door, instead, carve out small niches for all your things. For example, a basket in the entrance area for shoes or bags would be an excellent idea. The idea is basically to keep your things coordinated and handy but also hidden.

Arrive in style:

The first thing you see when you enter your home must lift your energy. It could be a series of photographs of your loved ones or your favourite painting. As you enter your home, you must be able to peacefully shift from your work life to home life.

Light up specific locations and not entire rooms:

Make use of various lights. Let there be spotlighting in certain areas where brightness is needed. For example, highlighting an artwork next to a sofa or where you read. Integrate dimmer switches to overhead lights to create a warm ambience.

Structure your space:

Select your furniture wisely as per your needs. Take a minimalistic approach to decorating the shelves and tabletops.

Add nature’s touch:

Use soothing and natural colours like blues, greens or other calming colours that help you relax. For a more peaceful home, houseplants are a great option.

Colour your world:

Simple shades are soothing, but there’s no need to shy away from a feature wall. For instance, a red wall energizes your kitchen or dining room and enhances your appetite.

Choose your theme:

Design a space that reflects what inspires you the most in life. Structure your theme around what you love and what makes you feel very comfortable. Select elements that symbolize your passion and infuse your home with them. Your home must be a source of restoring your energy. It should never be a place that induces stress or a reminder of unfinished tasks. Stress-free living is not about following the trend or spending money to display fancy embellishments. It is about what makes you unwind, it is absolutely subjective, and Sumeru Infrastructures' residential projects give you just that.

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