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Buying a property is more of a dream come true. It becomes utmost difficult to find out a perfect property and then to buy a perfect property. This blog is actually going to tell you the 10 most important things that a buyer needs to focus on while buying a property.

1. LOCATION OF THE HOUSE: Buyers want to find a location that allows easy access to the places they frequent the most (work, school, shopping, recreation, place of worship, friends and family). Look for easy access to the main roads and check traffic flow. It makes the day-to-day life much convenient. An easy approach and access to the market place, hospital, school and many more place makes a place a well-suited place for the buyers.

2. SIZE OF THE LOT: Many people give little thought to the size of the lot the house sits on. Within a neighbourhood, the lot sizes might be fairly similar. Once you’re going to showings and looking at what’s available, you’ll soon see if you have a clear preference of large or small, corner or interior. Some lots are pie-shaped; some are rectangular, and some are irregular in shape. Depending on the level of privacy, how you will use the lawn, and the length of the driveway, this might matter to you.

3. NUMBER OF BEDROOMS: Much families will have an idea of how many bedrooms they would like. Most people will want at least two, and if there are children, the number increases. Some families like their kids to share bedrooms, while others like separate bedrooms for each to accommodate different bedtimes and study habits. If you have regular visitors for any length of time, it’s nice to have a bedroom that is designated as a guest room.


Decide ahead of time how many bathrooms you prefer. Older homes might have only one bathroom, and buyers will often look for ways to add another. If there is only one bathroom, be sure you can live with that arrangement if remodelling isn’t feasible. Newer homes generally have two or more bathrooms, although some bathrooms might not have a tub or shower.


If you are only interested in new construction, this is irrelevant. However, if you are willing to look at all houses in your price range that meet your basic requirements, you may see homes from several decades. Older homes can have a character that appeals, and they may also need more repairs and upgrades. Make sure you have the time, inclination and budget to enjoy managing these projects.

6. THE PRICE OF THE PROPERTY: The price of the property is an important aspect that requires thorough study of the trends of the prices being implemented in the particular area. Where the main concept that has to be kept in mind while finalising the perfect price depends upon the connectivity of the area/ locality with the other parts of the city. Well to know more about the prices click on the link below


When looking for homes, you will find that some sellers are more motivated than others. Some people will place their home on the market but don’t really care if it sells or not. If not, they are happy to continue living there and will try again later. With this type of sale, there is not usually much wiggle room on the price.


The most important of all the things while buying a property is to make sure that in the initial time of before buying a property make sure to always do a legal due diligence before purchasing a property. Ensure the property titles are free of any hassles and that there will be no complications going forward. Go through the builder-buyer agreement very carefully.

As a conclusion one must consider that while buying a house, he/she must think of several aspects. Locality, basic and social infrastructure, quality of construction, title deed and resale value, everything matters. One must take enough time to verify all these aspects in detail, before making your purchase decision.

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