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Online House Hunt

Digitalization has undergone a huge transformation in recent years. Now our world has become more online than offline in every sector. With easy access to mobile phones and the internet, social media marketing is now taking a boom. In addition to this, various payment processing platforms have taken a lead to make online payments comfortable and protected. These factors have encouraged the people of all generations to make an online purchase.

When it comes to the real estate industry, people are more addicted to traditional purchases. However, there is a slow change in consumer behaviour as many of the investors are NRIs. This brings a steady change and trust in online home buying. Also, our real estate players are keen on advertising this online home buying concept by offering various advantages and benefits for online bookings and payments. With the recent policy incorporations such as RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Authority), transparency in the real estate world has been increased. In light of these developments, we could see a huge rise in online bookings and payments.

Why Online Search and Online booking?

The online search or tours for your new home or flat is no different from your usual e-shopping. Now day’s real-estate players are aware that their customers are digital savvy and they make sure to reach their audience via social media platforms. Nine out of ten home buyers today are millennials who rely on the internet as one of their primary research sources for their home search.

  • Benefits of online buying

  • Online Tour

  • Shortlist your properties using the internet

Many real-estate players are now providing a virtual tour for their property. Also, people are now very much active in social media and hence can get an idea of the properties via YouTube or their official websites. This virtual tour will give you a 360-degree view on the property along with the wide exposure on the amenities provided. This is very much useful if you are not located in the same city and hence can decide your next step based on this online property tour.

If you are planning to buy a property, research will be your preliminary step. The research process via online will give you a broader scope and awareness of the available properties in the market. It is easy for you to decide on the location and cost. This online research will save time and energy.

Cost comparison

If you are sceptical about the budget, you can still look out for multiple options as every other realtor will be bringing property deals from time to time. An online medium will be an effective way to compare the cost across properties and to optimize your budget.

Documentation and Brand Reputation

With RERA implementation, it is mandatory for the builders to submit certain proofs about their property before they launch. So, carefully go through the documentation. Since it is now online, you will have options to complete your paperwork online. So before completing the same, you get them verified legally without any hassles in travel.

At the same time, physical documents and physical site visits are equally important. Online is an opportunity to make your purchase journey easier. The bottom line is, investing in real estate is an important step in everyone’s life. Your first home is almost a dream come true moment for every one of us. Hence take this ease of online platforms to grab your dream home in a comfortable way.

Measure your steps before you jump and book your dream home from any part of the world.

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