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Updated: Nov 1, 2021

Dehradun is not just a city but, is a city of peace and beauty simultaneously. A city with diversified culture, homely feels and brotherhood. Dehradun has been a city where each and every individual dream to owe a residential property where, they can peacefully spend their life and cherish memories in their old age.

Today's blog is more about the places where we can buy properties.

1. Sahastradhara Road: This place is more of a stabilised area of the city quite distancing from the chirpy areas in the city. It is more of a peaceful area that is inter-connected and has inner routes for the picnic spot of the city. Shahastradhara Road comprises of school like the heritage School (North campus), Beverly Hills-Shalini School and many more.

Moreover, if we look for one roofed grocery shops then the place deals with Easy-Day, for entertainment purpose the locality has got Time-Square mall which is a quick access to buy all the needful too. In short, this place is more of a silent and peaceful area surrounded with many trees and a well suited one for people who prefer to live far from the vibrant city lights!!

2. Rajpur Road: Now this place is more like the heart of the city and much of an uplifted face of Dehradun. It is the locality of brands right from clothing hubs to dine inn and pubs. Be it food or apparels you get each and everything here! This place is more about the fancy area of the city which is more of a V.I.P Area as it connects all the posh areas in the city.

Speaking about the schools then the locality is blessed with a Christianity Based school that is the S.J. Academy. Giving precise knowledge of the locality then it is even regarded as the shopping hub for the entire city as it has maximum Number of brand outlets like Adidas, Nike, Meena Bazar, and what not! In context with restaurants then the place has got all kinds of cuisines in restaurants like Black Pepper, Mc Donalds, Burger King, Kalsang, South-Indian

vibes and the list goes on and on!! Hence the availability of all the amenities makes it a thumbs up place in all the possible aspects.

3. Mussorie Road: What to speak about this beautiful road its more of a heaven in Dehradun that has got an all-time cool weather as compared to the main society. As the name suggests this road is the pathway to the queen of hills Mussoorie. This road is basically famous for its restaurants and cafes like Café de Picolo, Sosha, Friends and blends café and the list goes on and on. Telling you about the schools then this place has got amazing schools like Scholars Home School and many more.

Whether the place is actually famous as a tourist spot and for its famous and beautiful café (s) as this place connects to the queen of hills. Concluding that the place is well suited for the people who are much affectionate with the environment and look forward to be near the nature! Not forgetting that Mussoorie road is even famous for the Pacific mall and even the H&M outlet as well!!

4. Badowala Shimla Road : Dehradun valley is one of the most tranquil and peaceful cities in Uttarakhand, India. The quiet environment and eye-catching view of hills or mountains make it an ideal place to live closely with nature. Eastern arc is one such builder and developer who has constructed numerous world-class Apartments in Dehradun.

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