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Top 4 Online Courses to Get Ahead in Real Estate

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

Courses in real estate can be found online offered by various universities and colleges. Kindly check the below listed top 10 real estate courses, real estate online courses, and real estate management online courses offered on multiple online learning websites.

For individuals looking to join the top and the best real estate online certificate courses, check out the comparatively low-cost courses we have made a list of, which feature engaging video lessons and interactive practice quizzes and assignments.

If you are looking to gain knowledge in real estate, join these real estate courses online offered in India, Canada, Pune, Mumbai university, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and everywhere on the internet. Join these free online real estate courses with certificates, real estate training online courses.

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Students can consider taking these real estate career courses and application AI in real estate, real estate agents course, urban sociology, real estate investing, real estate financial modeling, multifamily real estate investing, property management, mortgage loan processor, real estate valuation, real estate development modeling, and real estate management MBA course which provides a close look at professional branding, lead management, relationship marketing, and the importance of technology.

Course Offered By University of Reading, Henley Business School & The Reading Real Estate Foundation

Course Duration: 3 weeks (Approx 4 Hours to complete)

Do you have the curiosity and creativity for a career in the world of property?

Whether you want to be the next sustainability star, estates expert, or managing director of a project, this course showcases the real estate sector and the wide variety of career possibilities.

Enter the fast-paced world of international property and hear from industry experts developing the International Quarter London near the Olympic Park.

How do this impact residents and the environment? Is it possible to create sustainable developments that work for all? And how can you be involved in decision-making in the future?

What topics will you cover?

  • What is property, why do we need it, and how is it developed?

  • Who gets involved when developing a property?

  • The key issues impacting the property industry and the role that sustainability, globalization, and technology play in property investment, development, and management

  • How the industry will develop in the future

  • The career opportunities available: roles in the industry and how to start building a career in property

What will you achieve? By the end of the course, you‘ll be able to…

  • Investigate the wide range of stakeholders and many roles that influence property development

  • Debate the key issues affecting property investment, development, and management

  • Investigate, assess and report upon an example of property development in your local area

  • Examine future trends and likely innovations

  • Discover the range of career opportunities available within the property industry

  • Reflect upon your attributes and skills concerning those potential career opportunities

  • Explore the pathways available to you to begin your career in property

Who is the course for? Designed to explore the real estate sector and the vast array of careers within, this course is perfect for students keen to discover whether they would like to pursue a career in property. JOIN FOR FREE

2. Application of AI, InsurTech, and Real Estate Technology

Course Offered By University of Pennsylvania

Course Duration: 4 weeks (Approx 4 Hours to complete)

In this course, you’ll learn about the emerging technologies in Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning utilized in InsurTech and Real Estate Tech.

Professor Chris Geczy of the Wharton School has designed this course to help you navigate the complex world of insurance and real estate tech and understand how FinTech plays a role in the industry’s future.

By studying and analyzing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, you’ll learn how InsurTech is redefining the insurance industry.

You’ll also explore classifications of insurance companies and the size of the InsurTech, Real Estate Tech, and AI markets. You will also explore FinTech specialties with Warren Pennington from Vanguard.

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to identify emerging technologies of AI, Machine Learning, and Financial Technologies from various insurance and real estate tech companies and their impact on the future of finance and investments.


  • Module 1: InsurTech

  • Module 2: Real Estate Tech

  • Module 3: Artificial Intelligence

  • Module 4: Case Studies

3. Cities are back in town: urban sociology for a globalizing urban world

Course Offered By Sciences Po University, France

Course Duration: 8 weeks (Approx 12 Hours to complete)

Urbanization is reaching a new peak in the contemporary world with the rise of megacities. Researchers try to make sense of these large urban areas using a variety of concepts. The class will review debates and present social science models of cities to analyze and compare contemporary developments.


  • Introduction, definition, urban questions, and the use of models

  • European cities and the Weberian model of integration

  • Colonial and post-colonial cities

  • Industrial cities (and Socialist cities) and Marxist models

  • The American metropolis and the Chicago School,

  • Post metropolis, fragments, and differences

  • Global cities and megacities

  • Smart cities and the sociology of science and technology

4. Commercial Real Estate Investing for Beginners Free Course

Course Offered By Peter Harris On Udemy

Course Duration: 11 sections • 76 lectures • 8h 10m total length

This course was designed for the beginner who is interested in getting into commercial real estate investment or owns property or two. As the Education Director of Commercial Property Advisors, Peter Harris shares wisdom that will save you several years in learning lessons the hard way.

  • What it takes for anyone to own their first commercial real estate investment property.

  • The different asset classes and which ones individual investors target and why.

  • How to evaluate any deal quickly and easily, just like the pros.

  • Major pitfalls to avoid when investing in commercial real estate

  • Tips for Specific Types of properties, including Apartments, Self Storage, Mobile Home Parks, Shopping Centers, and Office Buildings.

  • Secrets to building generational wealth

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