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What if you could live surrounded by the greens?
What if you could wake up every morning to be greeted by the freshest of the hues, and end your day witnessing the sun go down over the mountains?
What if the myriad shades of green unfolded opportunities to savour life in a way like never before, as you live, grow, play and socialize?
Well, now you can. It's time to embrace a new life, and change to your new home as Sumeru Infrastructures is working on The next ongoing project i.e Mussoorie holiday house. It is being maintained and built in the muse of a romantic, a loner’s wonderland, and a nature lover’s paradise, the glittering hill station of Mussoorie. The lush green hills, varied flora and fauna, and majestic view of the mountains and scenery are all kept in consideration while one purchases a flat in this ongoing project. The different varieties are been offered to the customers.

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