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Find your place with an immersive experience and with the best real estate, including things you won’t find anywhere else.

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No matter what path you take to sell your home, we can help you navigate a successful sale.



We’re creating a seamless experience – by making easier to get home on rent  in Dehradun.



Sumeru Infrastructures is an affordable and luxuriously priced real - estate company that allows its clients to have an easy access for owing a perfect home and accurate investment advisors in territories of Uttarakhand. Sumeru is not just all about owning a home but, even a real - estate company that helps investors to get an expertise consultation while investing in the real - estate market that suggests the investors a suitable segment so as to receive ample returns. Not only this but Sumeru constructs apartments that develop smart societies which are highly affordable and luxurious to be owned! Apart from this Sumeru helps you to plan a perfect outing in its beautiful properties in Uttarakhand too!



Eastern Arc, the project developed and maintained by the Sumeru Infrastructures, is a modern housing solution built in the serene valleys of Uttarakhand. Designed with an innovative approach toward sustainable development and providing the most convenient lifestyle to homeowners, it is an ideal amalgamation of world-class infrastructure, exclusive facilities and traditional living values.
The project aims to innovate a modern approach to contemporary housing and simultaneously offer the essence of the prosperous natural environment of the Dehradun valley.


EASTERN ARC  phase ii

Eastern Arc Phase II, The project is the extension of Eastern Arc which is the fastest ongoing real estate project by the Sumeru Infrastructures, with ample green spaces, fresh air and sunlight, Eastern Arc Phase II is ideally the best property of Dehradun. The Eastern Arc phase II is planned to offer a modern lifestyle to all the residents. Enjoy a niche living experience with Sumeru Infrastructures. It is spread over a sprawling area of 3 Acres. 

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Exceeding Expectations

Meet Luxury, Convenience and Affordability at one place.

At Sumeru Infrastructures, sheer luxury meets convenient affordability. Envisaged with the aim of providing shelter and comfort to every home seeker, it offers opulent housing facilities at affordable prices and simultaneously, in the shape of a magnificent home, offers you an embodiment of secured future and fortune. A home is an investment that aims for prosperity, security and freedom of owning a personal space. Your own home in the heart of the capital city, with unprecedented living facilities, provides you with the heaven of opportunities and being an exceptional asset of yours, it fulfills your dream of financial security. Adorned with awe-inspiring benefits, Eastern Arc is the quintessential home that nurtures your needs and gives reality to your dreams. So, come to Eastern Arc, the best flats in Dehradun, and enjoy the richness of life and unparalleled happiness.

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Thank you, Sumeru Infrastructures for all your hard work in the purchase of our new home, we would highly recommend anyone to contact them to assist them with the purchase or sale of their home.

~ Mayank Rawat

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