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Is this right time to invest in dehradun property? 2023

Dehradun's real estate market thrives, drawing attention for its allure as a hub for retirement homes, vacation getaways, and holiday abodes. Its close proximity to Delhi/NCR further bolsters its appeal, attracting keen interest from neighboring city dwellers eager to own a house, villa, farmhouse, or apartment in this enchanting locale. Rental trends have proven to be remarkably enticing to prospective buyers. As you contemplate your investment options, Dehradun beckons with abundant reasons to seize this opportune moment.

Transformative Impact of Dehradun's Smart City Project

Launched in 2017, Dehradun's smart city project has yielded remarkable strides in the city's overall progress, significantly impacting its real estate sector. The primary objective of elevating the city's standard of living has paved the way for profound changes.

The incorporation of surveillance cameras has fostered a sense of security among Dehradun's residents, ensuring swift responses to incidents. License plate recognition, connected crime centers, and body cameras synergistically provide detailed and precise data, fortifying community safety.

In tandem with the focus on safety, the city's architecture receives a boost through improved drainage and sewage facilities. The Dehradun smart city project also encompasses the implementation of smart toilets, advanced electricity systems, and optimized water supply mechanisms. These collective endeavors aim to create a more vibrant and progressive urban environment for Dehradun's residents.

Surging Property Prices: A Result of Infrastructural Advancements

Upon the completion of the Delhi-Dehradun Expressway and the advent of smart city development, a momentous surge in property and rental apartment prices is anticipated. Notably, the trend has already been witnessed in Sema Dwar, where apartment rates escalated from Rs. 4,650/sqft in April 2021 to Rs. 4,970/sqft presently.

The phenomenon is not limited to Sema Dwar alone. Sahastradhara Road, Kulhan, and Mussoorie Road have also witnessed remarkable appreciation in the past three years. Sahastradhara Road experienced a 34.2% appreciation with a 6% rental yield, Kulhan recorded a 33.7% appreciation with a 6% rental yield, while Mussoorie Road saw a 21.82% appreciation with a 4% rental yield, according to data from 99 acres dated August 22, 2022. The trajectory of these regions signifies a promising investment landscape.

Sumeru Infrastructure

The Mystical Journey: Delhi-Dehradun Expressway

Embark on an enigmatic odyssey through the lush Rajaji National Park. Soon, the Delhi-Dehradun Expressway will shrink travel time from Delhi to Dehradun to 2.5 hours and Delhi to Haridwar to 2 hours. Invest in serene vacation homes and relish a cozy weekend amidst picturesque hills, savoring the famed bun Tikki.

Dehradun: An Ideal Work-from-Home Destination

Even as the pandemic subsides, numerous companies continue to embrace the work-from-home culture. Dehradun emerges as an idyllic destination, where remote work seamlessly intertwines with the serene beauty of the hills and the captivating ambiance of the city. As companies extend this privilege, Dehradun stands out as one of the finest places to savor a perfect blend of productivity and tranquility.

Thriving Job Opportunities in Tier 2 Cities

In the post-pandemic landscape, IT firms are actively expanding beyond major cities, venturing into tier II cities. This shift presents a golden opportunity for those seeking a harmonious balance between work and the enchanting hills of Dehradun. With the completion of the Delhi-Dehradun Expressway, the city anticipates a surge in employment prospects, further enhancing its allure as a thriving destination.

Exemplary Education System

Dehradun exudes academic excellence, boasting prestigious institutions like Ecole Globale International School, Welham Girls' & Boys' School, and Doon School. These educational establishments offer top-notch learning experiences, set amidst an environment of low pollution and serenity, providing students with an ideal place to pursue knowledge and growth.

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